Second-hand machines

FT 4/10 MFD

Description: Drummer

Price: €4,000

Note: Drummer is in very good condition with new and used containers price

Main features:

  •     Effective double motion system: Each of the four containers rotates counterclockwise around its own axis, while the base plate with the four containers rotates clockwise.
  •     Speed ​​adjustment via a display
  •     Very short cycle times of 4 - 5 minutes
  •     High flexibility thanks to four separate containers
  •     Remains of grinding wheels or chains that are to be used as abrasives
  •     Low noise level

Year of manufacture: 1989


Description: Sinter Press

Price: by agreement

Comment: second hand machine / Direct sales from Dr. Fritsch customer / bought as seen  / no warranty

PM 2 #20

Year of manufacture: 2014

Description: Mixer

Price: 5.400 €

Comment: Demo machine

SLM 15/20 #228

Year of manufacture: 1995

Decsription: Brazing Machine

Price: 10.000 €

Comment: second-hand machine / direct sale from Dr. Fritsch customer

DSP 25

Year of manufacture: 1981

Decsription: Sintering Press
- Device is in prefect working condition
- Measurement of sintering temperature was upgrade in 2017 to laser measurement
- Reason of the sale: new sintering press from Dr. Fritsch

Price: 10.000€

Comment: second-hand machine / direct sale from Dr. Fritsch customer



[Translate to Englisch:] SMV 218

Year of manufacture: 2004

Operating voltage & control voltage: 24V DC

Option for KPV 218: Segment magazine

- Automated production by placing the segments in stackable boxes Up to 8 boxes can be stacked up and down

Price: 4,000€ / On behalf of the customer