VIRIDIS Series - VIRIDIS stands for „green“

With the VIRIDIS series our target was to develop a metal powder mixture which does not have any negative impact on humans and environment. In addition good processing properties as well as acceptable sintering plateau, with stable hardness and density, were defined as conditions to be met. The VIRIDIS powders can be used for many different applications – and do also convince in price.

VIRIDIS Series advantages:

  • not hazardeous in transportation
  • not inhalation toxic
  • not inflammable
  • not hazardeous for environment
  • not health damaging




Hot pressing range (°C)

Hardness (HRB)

Density (g/cm³)

Impact strength (J/cm²)

Tension and rupture strength (N/mm²)

Sintering data


920 - 980°C

90 - 96






VIRIDIS powders can be used pure and are also suitable as base material in your bond. On request, our experts in R&D will be glad to give advice on best diamond specification to achieve desired tool performance.