TI-PASTE - Material for vacuum brazing

With our newest product development – TI-PASTE (Titanium-Paste) – we offer you a material for vacuum brazing. TI-PASTE convinces with lower processing temperature as e.g. Ni-Paste and higher diamond retention.

Advantages of TI-PASTE in comparison to other paste:

  • Lower priced alternative to Silver-Paste
  • Lower processing temperature
  • No diamond cracks

Product overview:

  • Composition: Cu, Sn, Ti
  • Processing temperature: 870°C – 900°C


  • Wire saws (e.g. demolition of nuclear plants)
  • Dressing tools
  • End mills and profiling rolls
  • Roll stocking (e.g. roughening of outdoor tiles from marble and limestone)
  • Segments for concrete cutting
  • Composite and special materials (e.g. for dismantling ships or offshore platforms)

Vacuum brazing in comparison to other production methods, example based on wire saws:

  • In comparison to sintered wire: +30% cutting speed
  • In comparison to electroplated wire: +5%-10% cutting speed