Industrial diamond

We offer you a wide choice of different qualities of industrial diamonds for grinding, drilling and cutting in all common sizes.

For us the most important criteria is securing a consistent diamond quality throughout different shipments. Careful selection and control of the product parameters by certificates of analysis for every shipment is essential for us. At the same time all this data are thoroughly filed for future tracking if necessary.

We support you to choose the most suitable Mastergrit diamond through either of following ways:

  • Our R&D gives you a diamond recommendation based on your described application. This way is mostly choosen when a new product is being developed.
  • We examine the diamond which you use today and offer you a Mastergrit diamond, which corresponds to your current one (cross matching).

Of course we offer our diamonds on demand with different coatings:

  • Titanium (Ti)
  • Nickel (Ni)
  • Nickel Spiky (NiS)
  • Titanium carbide (TiC)


The number of possible combination of diamond quality and size is enormous. Therefore just a few examples:


Mastergrit 500, 30/35, non coated

Mastergrit 400, 30/40 non coated

Mastergrit 400, 30/40, Ti coated

Mastergrit 300, 40/50, non coated

Mastergrit G300, 200/230, non coated

Mastergrit 400, 40/50, TiC coated

Mastergrit G500, 325/400, NiS coated