Metal powder and industrial diamond

From A to Z

In order to provide our customers the full spectrum of products and services, we produce in a seperate division sintering metal powder for all kinds of diamond tool applications. From A like aluminium to Z like zinc - Dr. Fritsch offers you almost every material used in the diamond tool industry. In addtion to raw materials and ready mixed bonds, our portfolio covers pre alloyed materials and syntetic diamonds as well.



Raw material

Top raw materials proven by Dr. Fritsch Quality Control. Available immediately, also in small quantities from 1 kg. Use our flexible delivery service in order to ensure full security of your production.

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Ready mixed bonds

Dr. Fritsch ready mixed bonds are tailor made for various applications. For many standard jobs we have performance proven and cost-effective bonds in stock.

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For applications with special requirements on homogeneity, sintering activity and wear performance, we offer pre-alloyed powders. You can choose from our standard portfolio or let us produce your own specification.

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First class diamonds in consistent quality – we offer you industrial and natural diamonds in all common qualities and grain sizes used in the diamond tool industry.

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Production and auxiliary materials

Cold pressing additives, granulation binders and pore builders are a few examples of the production and auxiliary materials we offer you.

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Laboratory and services

On request we deliver our powders also pre-granulated and support you with various services such as e.g. segment evaluation, training courses, processing information and the like.

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