ST 2

Tensioning Machine ST2


  •     for tension rolling of master blades and cutting discs

Main features:

  •     Proven high-pressure hydraulics for efficient performance.
  •     Low-maintenance machine and hydraulic systems.
  •     Stable rolling mechanism with precisely guided rollers.
  •     Vertical rolling position for optimum results.
  •     Easy control of the rolling process thanks to external rollers.
  •     Rollable diameter: 180 - 2,000 mm


  •     Possibility to display and document the concentricity and sheet tension on the PC (without PC).


Tension rolling

The tension rolling machine is a specialised device for the tension rolling of cut-off wheels.

The purpose of tension rolling is to improve the structural integrity of cut-off wheels and reduce the internal stresses in the tool material.

Features of the tension rolling machine include customisable settings for different cut-off wheel types and sizes, as well as precise control over the tension rolling process.

In terms of precision and control, the machine offers the ability to fine-tune according to the requirements of the end products, resulting in a reduction of deformation and stresses in the cut-off wheels.

Increased efficiency is achieved by minimising material waste through precise tension rolling, which in turn improves structural integrity and leads to longer tool life.