RSM 360

Radius Grinding Machine RSM 360


  • for automatic grinding of segments with a diamond-free base

Main features:

  • suitable for fully automatic sharpening of cutting discs and drill bit segments
  • improved welding results by grinding and cleaning the desired segment radii
  • Reduces the number of cold and hot press moulds required


  • Segment feed via belt magazine or sorting bowl
  • Segment hopper for sorting pot
  • Sorting of segments according to height
  • Additional segment mounting jaws


Radius Grinding

The radius grinding machine is a fully automatic device designed for the sharpening and radius grinding of cutting disc and drill bit segments with a diamond-free base.

The purpose of radius grinding is the precise shaping of cutting segments to achieve optimum cutting properties and the sharpening of cut-off wheel and core bit segments for improved performance.

Features of the radius grinder include fully automatic operation for efficiency and consistency, as well as customisable settings for different tool types and sizes.

For precision and control, the machine ensures high accuracy when grinding radii for consistent results, monitoring of grinding parameters to ensure tool quality and the ability to fine tune according to end product requirements.

Efficiency is increased by reducing manual work steps through fully automatic operation, quickly adapting to different tool sizes and types, minimising scrap products through precise radius grinding and improving cutting properties for efficient work processes.