DWA 11

Dosing Machine DWA 11


  • Dosing machine for dry powder mixtures
  • Precise weighing results through constructive measures to avoid disturbing influences (such as e.g. draughts, shocks, vibrations) on the weighing structure

Main features:

  • PLC-controlled machine cycle with data input via touch panel
  • Self-diagnostics with error indication on display
  • Self-optimisation after each weighing process
  • Quick emptying of the powder hopper
  • Protection of the vibratory conveyor against metal dust
  • 30 weighing cups (50 ml each)
  • Conversion from grams to carats
  • Conversion to other weights or powder types
  • tool-free disassembly of all powder-carrying parts for quick cleaning and/or blow-out to avoid powder carry-over and reduce downtime
  • constant filling quantities due to automatic ejection of incorrect weights


  • table frame
  • Turntable with 30 x 50 ml cups or 18 x 200 ml cups
  • Replacement parts to prevent diamond/powder carryover



The automatic dosing machine ensures the precise weighing of metal powders, ceramic bonds, diamonds, granulates and other bulk materials. Its purpose is to ensure exact material quantities, avoid dosing errors and optimise the process for high-quality end products.

There are various types of dosing machines, including weight and volume feeders that work with calibrated dosing units. These enable precise adjustment to different material densities and properties, minimising fluctuations in dosing.

The dosing machine can be used flexibly for different materials in the bulk goods sector and can be adapted to different production requirements. Electronic control and monitoring ensure precise dosing and prevent over- or underdosing.

Efficiency is increased by minimising waste products, reducing manual intervention in the production process and quickly adapting to different recipes and mixing ratios.