CBM 300

Brazing Machine CBM 300

  • for fully-automatic and economic segment brazing on steel blades
  • improved quality of saw blades thanks to precise temperature control during brazing
  • for saw blades from Ø 200 – 2,000 mm (pit required as of Ø 1.500 mm)


  • cooling unit
  • adapter for gang saws
  • additional inductor


Manual Brazing Device HLV

  • for the manual brazing of medium to large circular saw blades
  • avoids overheating of core through cooling pads
  • guarantees proper segment clearance on saw blade
  • time savings due to brazing of three segments simultaneously



The brazing process is used in tool production, particularly in the manufacture of cutting discs up to 2000 mm, gang blades and drill bits up to 600 mm.

The purpose of brazing is to join metal segments to carrier materials and to ensure a firm bond between segments and the tool base.

For precision and control, the soldering process application monitors the soldering temperature and time for optimum results, adapts the soldering process to different blade sizes and controls the soldering quality for consistent tool performance.

To increase efficiency, automated soldering processes are integrated, resulting in higher production speeds, and scrap products are minimised through precise soldering.