CBM 300

Brazing Machine CBM 300

  • for fully-automatic and economic segment brazing on steel blades
  • improved quality of saw blades thanks to precise temperature control during brazing
  • for saw blades from Ø 200 – 2,000 mm (pit required as of Ø 1.500 mm)


  • cooling unit
  • adapter for gang saws
  • additional inductor

BLM 600

Core Drill Brazing Machine BLM 600

  • for core drills from Ø 32 mm to 600 mm
  • economic production due to short cycle times
  • flexible operation due to short set-up times
  • improved quality of the core drill due to precise measurement and control of the temperature as well as fully automatic measurement and adjustment of the segment side clearance
  • optical measurement of the core drill length


  • cooling unit
  • automatic flux-feeding
  • additional inductor


Manual Brazing Device HLV

  • for the manual brazing of medium to large circular saw blades
  • avoids overheating of core through cooling pads
  • guarantees proper segment clearance on saw blade
  • time savings due to brazing of three segments simultaneously



for the production of saw blades up to 2,000 mm, gang saws as well as core drills up to 600 mm