Superlatives every day

In our daily pursuit of superlatives, the focus is not only on the fact that diamond is the hardest material in the world, but above all on continuously offering our customers first-class quality. A crucial focus is on the material used. To ensure that only first-class raw materials and components are used, we carefully source them from selected manufacturers.

For us, meticulous incoming inspections are a matter of course. The exit checks carried out by our quality assurance team are just as clearly defined. In addition to these controls, we offer specific tests for the end product, which we document comprehensively with a test certificate. This comprehensive quality approach ensures that every product that leaves our company meets the highest standards.

Our commitment to quality is reflected not only in the product itself, but also in the longevity of our machines. The technology of the Dr. Fritsch impresses with its exceptional robustness and longevity. These properties are valued by several international corporations that use our machines around the clock in three shifts.

Of course, all of our machines comply with CE conformity standards and meet the most modern safety requirements. This commitment to safety is not only self-evident for us, but also underlines our claim to offer superlatives in quality and reliability in every respect.