Trendsetting technology for diamond tools

Pioneer and Pacemaker

Innovation and tradition - both are inseparably linked with Dr. Fritsch. As a pioneer in the field of diamond tool technology, we have defined standards and driven development from the very beginning. This is still ongoing. Dr. Fritsch is a pacemaker in this rapidly changing industry.


Innovation through tradition: Dr Fritsch sets standards

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The origins of Dr Fritsch go back to an era when the first tentative steps were taken in powder metallurgy. In 1953, the company launched the pioneering DSP 6 sintering press with just 6 kVA. This small tabletop machine proved to be a bestseller and marked the beginning of a fascinating journey.

Over the decades, requirements continued to increase: the focus was on more sintering surface, higher productivity, automation and energy savings.

...and TODAY.

Dr. Fritsch has continuously driven innovation over the years, which means that industrial customers now have the opportunity to handle almost the entire production chain using Dr Fritsch machines.

The wide-ranging assortment includes various solutions, starting with mixers for dry and moist powders, a dosing machine, automated granulating and cold pressing machines for green bodies. The sintering machines form the centrepiece of the range. Dr Fritsch also offers machines for the radius grinding of segments and for the subsequent soldering or welding of these segments. Even steps such as tension rolling, dressing and sharpening after welding or soldering can be carried out effortlessly on Dr. Fritsch machines, ensuring a consistent solution for the entire production chain.


Despite the ongoing innovation, Dr Fritsch remains true to its heritage and continues to set standards in powder metallurgy. The company offers its customers well thought-out solutions from a single source and works closely with companies to present and jointly develop the best solutions. Dr Fritsch's philosophy is characterised by constant efforts to improve and the pursuit of the best range of services for its customers.


The KPV 300 is a volumetric cold press that presses green compacts fully automatically into single or multi-layer segments. In addition, the KPV 300 can be extended with a Dia Set V3 to distribute diamonds individually and layer by layer in and on the green compacts.

The TAM 308 is the latest innovation for dressing and sharpening saw blades. This machine automatically inserts the saw blades, sharpens them and exposes the diamonds on the segments.



Dr Fritsch is particularly known for high-performance sintering machines based on the technology of two current-carrying electrodes. These machines allow precise regulation, heating and monitoring of the sintered product, enabling applications in various sectors such as mining and the automotive industry.

With the LSP 100, Dr Fritsch currently offers the smallest sintering press on the market. It enables temperatures of up to 3,000°C to develop new materials in the scientific field and the economical production of small parts and prototypes in industry. At the same time, sintering presses such as the DSP 615 fulfil the requirements of industry in terms of economy and capacity. The new MSP 5 is the largest sintering press ever built by Dr Fritsch and another milestone in the long line of innovations at Dr Fritsch. The optional MSC 5 cooling station enables controlled cooling take place parallel to the next sintering process. This maximises productivity.


The company offers automated processes including the finishing of saw blades and drill bits. The LSM 400, a segment welding machine, takes over the entire process after loading with saw blades, from welding to optional testing of the saw blades. The BSM 300 is the counterpart to the LSM 400 for drill bits, in that it automatically welds segments onto the drill head.