World market leader in the diamond tool industry


As the world market leader, Dr. Fritsch sets standards in the development and production of machines for the diamond tool industry. The innovative Swabian family-owned company supplies customers with tailor-made technology.

A decade-long experience in researching and producing high quality sintering metal powder as well as the distribution of industrial diamond completes our service and product portfolio. This comprehensive package provides our customers important competitive benefits. With around 80 employees in our German headquarter, our entity Dr. Fritsch Machines & Powders in Bangalore, India and six international agencies, Dr. Fritsch is a global player. 



Innovation and tradition - both are inseparably linked with Dr. Fritsch...

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It's all about superlatives every day. Not only because diamond is the hardest material...

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Customer benefits

Dr. Fritsch scores with a globally unique combination...

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