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More than just machinery and powders: Ideas, advice, assistance and services for your company

Dr. Fritsch does not only provide you with machinery and metal powders - but also with the safety of a smooth production. We concentrate all our efforts and ideas on this aim. This is why we offer a variety of services around your machine as well as training for your staff.


Which machine is the most suitable one for your purpose? Which technology completes the existing infrastructure best? Which interfaces and capacities must be taken into account? It is just now that you decide about  important resources for your production later on.

Installation and Commissioning

The Dr. Fritsch service team guarantees a successful and on-time commissioning of your new machines. Prior to that, we assist you in all issues related to the required machine infrastructure. If needed, we can also provide support on production accessories.
The training of your employees can be conducted in different languages such as English, French, Russian, Italian and Chinese.

Optimization of production processes

Take advantage of our know-how. Our experience helps you to optimize your production process.

Programming and Updates

Our team supports you with tailor-made software programs and interfaces to your own system. We also develop company-wide applications.

Repair service

To meet the high requirements on the availability of production machines

Dr. Fritsch built up a flexible team of good trained service technicians and engineers.

Therefore our world wide customers can count on a competent and fast execution

of all kinds of service intervention. 


After a certain time of production you may require a retrofitting / modification of your existing equipment. Please contact us. We will find a solution.

Spare part supply and delivery

Most of the spare parts that are required to keep our customer’s machines running are available on stock. Our after sales team helps you to identify the correct parts, even for machine series that are not built any longer. That, along with a fast supply chain around the world, ensures that machine down times are reduced to the minimum.


Well-trained machine operators guarantee high-quality products and high machine productivity. We individually train your staff to maximize the efficient use of your Dr. Fritsch machines. We offer tailor made programs about machine operation and maintenance. Additionally, we can help you to adapt your new products to the Dr. Fritsch manufacturing processes.
All trainings can be conducted in different languages, such as English, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese.